About Me

Who is the face behind the business?

My name is Bronwyn and I am 60 year old Mum of 3 grown children, Mother-in-law to 3 and Nanna to 8 amazing grandchildren, 7 girls and the last little one a boy.

Over the years while my children were growing up, I was either making their clothes while they were little, then as they grew I purchased a second-hand book store and added sewing and repairs into it. After I sold this I then took the path of Desktop Publishing and Taxi driving, 2 very different positions, but very workable together.   

After having the opportunity to travel I spent the first half of my 40’s seeing the USA and loving the travel, I kept coming back to Australia, however once saved enough, I was off to see more and do more in the USA.   

After that I settled down in Adelaide and was very lucky that friends helped me purchase my first embroidery machine. And then it started. I loved  it, loved the creativity of making things so special for each person. As the years advance so did my knowledge and love of the craft. So now I have more than 1 machine and still love the creativity of it all.