About Us

Looking for that perfect gift?    

Well I can help you with either personalised items or pre-made items.  

Look through the products page for lots of ideas that may help you choose your perfect gift.   Each teddy you are able to choose what you would like on it.   I will help you with doing a template of your ideas then the choices are all yours.

I have had over 10 years experience in embroidery, and love the creativity of making every item an individual and personal gift to keep for yourself or give away.    Teddies, towels, backpacks, hooded towels are only a few things possible, so don't hesitate to contact me with your ideas.


Bronwyn Dunn



Who is the face behind the business?  

My name is Bronwyn and I am 50 ish (closer to 60 ish) year old Mum of 3 grown children, Mother-in-law to 3 and Nanna to 8 amazing grandchildren, 7 girls and the last little one a boy. Over the years while my children were growing up, I was either making their clothes while they were little, then as they grew I purchased a second-hand book store and added sewing and repairs into it. After I sold this I then took the path of Desktop Publishing and Taxi driving, 2 very different positions, but very workable together.   

After having the opportunity to travel I spent the first have of my 40’s seeing USA and loving the travel, kept coming back to Australia, however once saved enough, I was off to see more and do more in USA.   

After that I settled down in Adelaide and was very lucky that friends helped me purchase my first embroidery machine. And then it started. I loved  it, loved the creativity of making things so special for each person. As the years advance so did my knowledge and love of the craft. So now I have more than 1 machine and still love the creativity of it all.